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Co-founder of a Ancient Building Preservation Group, Coventry, early 1990s

Restoring Black Swan Terrace

Black Swan Terrace

NickH_MalcolmAdkins_Coventry1990s2 Nick H_MalcolmAdkins Coventry 1990s1

 Photos Courtesy: Jason Scott Tilley, FRSA

University and other public talks

January 2016

Nick sums up the experience he gained on a film producer training course run by the European Women’s Audio Visual Network (open to women and men….)



November 12 2014

Moscow: Nick gave a talk to third year journalism students at the Journalism Faculty of Moscow State University.

October 22 2014


Events at LJMU

Nick Holdsworth, a British freelance foreign correspondent with more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist, filmmaker and writer, will offer exciting and useful insights into his eventful and varied career. He will talk about the advantages and difficulties of working freelance and underline the value of learning your trade and exercising your craft as well as the attitudes that help (that he sometimes learned the hard way…) As a freelance foreign correspondent, since 1995, Nick Holdsworth has covered the region of Russia and Eastern Europe for The Hollywood Reporter, the Sunday Telegraph, Variety and The Times Higher Education Supplement. He has also written and directed a number of documentary films including Learning for a Better Life: Moldova and Tajikistan, and The Kyrgyz Ice-Cream Seller. As an expert in film industry matters, he has presented and moderated numerous film industry professional panels including the Russian Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival (2012) and the Cinema Total event at the Berlin Film Festival (2013,2014). He is the author of Moscow The Beautiful and the Damned – Life in Russia in Transition, published by Andre Deutsch, London, 2000. For further information about Nick’s career and activities, visit: www.nhnet.org

European Humanities University, ‘Public Conversation’ with Nick Holdsworth, April 2014.

An edited version of the public talk has just been posted  on youtube by EHU

Television and radio commentary

Nick Holdsworth gives his view  (note: scroll down to the 4th audio item after clicking) on events in Russia and Crimea in RTE Dublin’s Drivetime radio show Wednesday March 19, 2014. 


Work as a Russian speaking journalist

Nick Holdsworth, interviewed by Routes into Languages, a Bristol-based public body encouraging the study of foreign languages, on the value of Russian language skills in his job as a foreign correspondent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQNVcqeLafs