Documentary Films

Moscow, May 14, 2016: Playing an American radio announcer from the early 1920s in Russian television drama-documentary ‘Kuzbass’ – at Moscow’s Cross Studios, situated in the splendid old Elektrozavod factory – which produced huge electric transformers in the 1930s. Film can be seen here:



13211191_10207608926995474_1825228334_oThe following films are written and directed by Nick Holdsworth:

2016 Update Ukraine

Written and directed by Nick Holdsworth for the European Training Foundation, produced by Joanne Anstey of the ETF. A short film about policy developments and reform of vocational education and training in Ukraine. Shot on location in Kiev, November 2016.


Permafrost Kingdom written, directed and presented by Nick Holdsworth and produced with Jeremy Nicholl (

YAKUTSK, SIBERIA – Winters can be as cold as minus 71 Celsius and summers over 50C are common. 
Russia’s largest territory – the Siberian wilderness of Yakutia – is two million square miles of forested taiga, pristine tundra, mighty rivers, gold and diamond deposits stretching far into the Arctic Circle.
The hardy Yakut-speaking natives of the sparsely populated territory survive sub-zero temperatures for seven months of the year. 
So where do you need to go to warm up in Yakutia, the remote area 3,500 miles east of Moscow in mid-winter? 
….To Permafrost Kingdom, the world’s only cold storage museum….where it is a year round balmy minus 7 and home to Chiskhan, the thickly bearded, ice blue-robed Yakut Lord of the Cold.


Permafrost Kingdom from Jeremy Nicholl on Vimeo.


Learning for a better life: the cases of the Republic of Moldova and Tajikistan, written and directed by Nick Holdsworth, produced by the European Training Foundation.


The Kyrgyz Ice-Cream Seller – Training for Change in Central Asia, written and directed by Nick Holdsworth, produced by the European Training Foundation.